We are PrintUK.com

We are a leading online printing company that specialises in high quality printing and design services.
We have set up this blog to inform and teach customers and people about the print, design and marketing industries. Our blog is primarily aimed at graphic designers, advertising agencies, marketeers, start-ups and business’s in general. We try to keep our blog posts interesting, funny, useful and technical. We offer insight into a huge range of different topics that we feel are interesting and interconnected from the psychological habits and affects of colour changes to the newest trends in print and photography.
Our ambition is to be the best print and online design company, so we invest heavily in technology and software development to ensure faster turnaround times, sharper pricing and higher quality. Despite this we feel that the only way to achieve being the best is by connecting with people in and out of the industry on a social level, understanding what people are interested in and why so we can further spark discussion and debate in all topics surrounding the print, design and marketing worlds.
If you want to contribute to the blog please get in touch because we are passionate about what we do and the more people we can get involved the better.
On the work side: We predominantly serve Design Agencies, SME’s, print buyers, local authorities and large corporate businesses. Our website and business is designed to help businesses promote themselves cheaply and easily through print and for larger customers to help stretch those limited marketing budgets.
We accomplish this by providing easy to personalise design agency quality templates accompanied with cheap high quality printing.
We believe that well designed, high quality print, delivered into the right hands on time has and will continue to have an important role in the marketing mix. PrintUK.com is here to help achieve that aim.
That’s our promise