Poster printing is often overlooked when it comes to advertising your business, but here are seven reasons why you should include them in your marketing campaigns.
Posters are big, bright, and bold. They are also eye catching and easy to read, and they stick in your mind’s eye, making them more memorable.
Continuous exposure
When posters have been hung, they are there 24/7 for the world to see. Take a bus station, for example. You’ll catch everyone from the early morning commuters to those returning from a night out.
It is not uncommon to see posters repeated along the walls of tube stations, or to see the same poster at bus stops, in shop windows, and even in the toilets. Repetition is so important when it comes to marketing – if something is repeated to you, you are more likely to remember it.
Design flexibility
There is so much more design flexibility when it comes to poster printing. You have more than just the corner of a magazine, and you don’t have to stick to the normal size and style of a leaflet or brochure.
Target audience
Place your posters where your target audience will see them – you don’t have to rely on them purchasing a certain newspaper or hope that they haven’t lost your business card.
Call to action
Posters are a brilliant way to incite a call to action. Whether you are advertising an event, social media page, website or phone number, people are more likely to get involved there and then.
Cost effective
Poster printing is generally cheaper than renting ad space, and combined with all of the above reasons it is an incredibly cost-effective marketing method. It lasts longer, has a wider reach, and is often far more memorable.
Our services
Take a look at our poster printing services and see what we have to offer. Our posters are all high quality, and the sizes range from A4 to B1 and large format. You can find ready-made design templates online to alter to your specifications, or you can design your own. We even offer biodegradable options.