Your business brochure should extol the benefits of your business, promote your products, and sell your services. It can be handed out at expos and exhibitions, delivered to individuals and businesses that form part of your target market, and they can accompany invoices and other communication to upsell or cross-sell your other products and services. Below are 4 tips to help ensure that you get the most from your brochure printing efforts.
1 – Don’t Get Carried Away With Fonts
There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, and plenty of reasons why most brochure designers stick to a pool of a dozen or so fonts. Some fonts look amazing in print, while others don’t. You only really need a font for headlines, one for subheadings, and one for body content. Don’t overwhelm the senses, and confuse the copy, by using too many different fonts.
2 – Choose Paper Stock Carefully
From density of the paper to its finish, choosing the right paper stock can have a big impact on your brochure printing. Speaking with print professionals is incredibly worthwhile as it could make or break the effectiveness and outcome of your brochure campaign. As paper comes in lots of different weights and types its best to speak through your budget and requirements with a print professional before going ahead.
3 – Avoid Images That Look Stock
Budgets won’t always stretch to a professional photo shoot. There is no reason that you can’t use stock photography, but ensure that you have the appropriate permissions to use any images, and try to avoid stock images that look like they’re stock images. Recipients will notice, and they will judge your brochure, and your business, according to their opinion of the image. Which means that they could see you as cost-cutting and unoriginal.
4 – Ensure Great Quality Content
The copy that is included in your brochure needs to be considered a part of the design. Not only should it read well and convert readers to buyers, but it needs to scan, it needs to be easy to read, and even its positioning on the page needs to look effective. Consider getting a professional copywriter to finish the text for you; they should generate a good return on your brochure printing investment.