Basically, multi-channel marketing is a combination of both offline and online marketing. Ultimately, the goal of multichannel marketing is to drive sales, generate leads, or enhance brand recognition.
Before you start any multichannel or omnichannel marketing campaign, you need to get your house in order. Make sure that your physical business is ready for customers, and make sure that your website, blog, and social media profiles are established and carefully managed. You should also set up analytics so that you can monitor performance and results.
Basic multichannel promotions
Everything that bares your name needs to also contain a website and e.mail address and preferably a telephone number. If you are on facebook or any social media always include it. Your customers will all have preferences as to how they wish to communicate with you. So make it SIMPLE.
Many businesses already combine marketing channels. Email marketing campaigns might include a link to a sales page on a website, or a social media link to encourage engagement from potential customers. Some businesses even combine online and offline marketing. The email campaign might include a phone number for a sales line or even a voucher or discount code that can be redeemed in store. Your business might be running this type of campaign without really knowing that it is multichannel marketing.
Generate digital contacts through physical contact
Incorporate your digital contact details into your commercial printing, leaflet printing, business cards, brochure printing, and other physical documents. You can also include social media links, consider adding QR codes that are easy and convenient to scan, and include these documents in your direct mail campaign, or even when you attend or host seminars, expos, and other events.
Use digital results to drive physical marketing
Use your website analytics and social media results to drive physical marketing campaigns. If you have a particular blog post that has generated thousands of enquiries, consider converting this into newspaper, magazine, or direct mail marketing material. You can even ask your social media users which images or what content they value the most when you publish it.
Similarly, you can offer discounts to social media users that quote a specific code or print off a voucher from your social media account, and present it in store for a discount, giving you a clearer picture of whether your online advertising is driving physical sales.
Multichannel marketing
There are many ways that you can combine online and offline marketing that go beyond printing email addresses on business cards, and some of the most successful marketing campaigns are those that combine multiple channels. Research, experiment, test, and optimise results for ongoing sales and lead generation results. You then know which communication type works for your particular business and you can spend more time and money to target the largest (or best) customer base.
Remember keep all marketing materials simple, precise and follow through with corporate colours and logo for maximum impact.