The new year is a great time to review everything about your business and begin with a clean slate. So, if you’re already considering reviewing and possibly changing other aspects of your business like your website, social media marketing strategy, and direct mail printing operations, then why not include your business card printing and design, too?
Business cards are often left as an afterthought, with other aspects of your marketing deemed more important, but this would be a mistake.

Even in today’s world of social networking, email, and home working, printed business cards are still very important to being a success in business, and there are still 10,000,000,000 printed every year in America alone. In fact, statistics shows that sales can be increased by around 3% just by handing them out (Checkout: Business Card Statistics. So, with that in mind, here’s two reasons why the new year is a great time to review your current business card design and maybe make a change.
1. Capitalise on the market
Many people use the new year to review their business relationships. This means two things: firstly, your customers could be considering moving their business to one of your rivals or competitors; and secondly, there are lots of opportunities to find new business from clients of other brands that are thinking about moving. By creating a new design and printing your business cards you could look to capitalise on both of these things. Firstly, you can keep your current clients and customers by handing them your brand new business cards, demonstrating that your business is developing and changing to suit their needs. Secondly, you can hand out your new cards to the customers of similar businesses, and hope to capitalise on their doubts about their current business relationships.
2. Update your brand
The new year is a great time to update your brand, and redesigning your business cards is a great way to kick off this process. Updating your brand is key to surviving in an ever-changing marketplace, and will show your customers that you have what it takes to adapt to the market. Starting with your business cards is a great idea, as this is often the first thing they see about your company or brand. If you want to increase your business sales in the new year with printed business cards checkout out our business card templates for some inspirational graphic design ideas that are easy to personalise and design online.
There you have it, two reasons why the new year is a great time to re-evaluate your business cards. For more information about our printing services and how we can help you do this, visit us at