As a business with many years of experience in graphic design, we understand the psychological effects of colour on prospective customers. As the blog ‘Art Therapy’ puts it, colours can “influence a person’s mental or physical state”.
Choosing the right colour to weave into your printed leaflets and other promotional print media is essential. Leaflet printing, flyers, brochure printing and even business cards have a powerful psychological impact on potential customers because they are more tactile and therefore elicit a more immediate response than other forms of media (such as online adverts or television). As such, the colour schemes you use in these forms of marketing media can make a huge difference to how consumers view your business and products. However, there’s no need to worry; it’s easier than you might think to pick the right colours for printed media.
Red: the colour of passion
Red is the most urgent, emotionally provocative colour in the spectrum. By using red in your printed leaflets and other printed media, you can grab readers’ attention and appeal to their emotions. As the website Colour Affects explains, the colour red “stimulates us and raises the pulse rate” : Psychological Properties Of Colours. Red is therefore the best colour to use if you are selling luxury goods or services and want to encourage customers to make a purchasing decision based on their desire to own that product or the feeling that they deserve it. The use of the colour red in your graphic design will help to put your printed media’s readers in touch with their emotions (including their desire to own your product) while simultaneously creating a sense of urgency that may help to encourage impulse buys.
Blue: the colour of reason
In contrast, you should consider using blue if you are selling practical or essential goods or services and wish to appeal to your prospective customers’ rational minds. This colour is the one to choose to demonstrate that it is in their best interests to purchase your products, because blue is a cool, calming colour that can help put your customers’ in a receptive frame of mind.
Green: the colour of nature
Finally, the colour green is commonly associated with nature and peace; it is therefore a very reassuring colour and should be used on your printed leaflets and other printed marketing media that advertise serious or high-cost products (such as high-end insurance). The use of this colour can subconsciously reassure customers that they are making the right choice by trusting your business.
Other colours
Other colours have subtler effects. For example, yellow is cheerful and may help prospective customers to associate your business with feelings of happiness and energy, whereas purple is often associated with luxury and can help cultivate a sense that your product is refined and a little decadent.
Choosing the right colour or combination of colours for your leaflets, brochures and other printed marketing material can affect how customers see you and your products. However, by following the guidelines we have provided here, you should be able to select colours that support your marketing strategy. If you want a more general overview of how to use colour in your promotional material, you can check out our previous blog post: How Colour Psychology Can Be Used To Successfully Promote Your Brand.
If you want to know even more, or if you’re ready to start your design and printing, get in touch with us at Print UK! We’re always ready to take on the challenge of designing and creating inventive, colourful printed media to help boost our customers sales and profits.