Direct mail printing is still a popular form of marketing, despite the growth of other forms of marketing, such as email campaigns or online ads. There is still a place for direct mail marketing campaigns for B2B or B2C companies, as prospects and customers appreciate the tangible and familiar format of mail, so there are more guarantees it will be seen and read.
A direct mail printing campaign can support and enhance other forms of marketing to ensure a consistent brand building exercise. Direct mail is an affordable and flexible method for marketing and offers a number of advantages which are discussed below.
Advantages of direct mail
Direct mail is consistently effective as a means of advertising business products or services and offers companies a variety of benefits, including:
1. It is a highly targeted form of marketing which can be customised to meet audience requirements, whether they are long-term customers or new prospects. In this way, recipients will only receive mail that is likely to meet their needs or suit their buying habits.
2. It’s possible to personalise direct mail to incorporate names and other details. Because of this, potential customers are more likely to pay attention to the message.
3. Direct mail is versatile as it can consist of a variety of formats, including folded leaflet printing, printed postcards, flyers or brochures, so it is suited to just about any business application. Commercial printers often provide layout templates in a number of formats that are specifically designed for different businesses. This cuts out the graphic design costs for direct mailings considerably and makes it quick and easy to choose the format that’s most appropriate for your business needs.
4. Results of direct mail campaigns are easy to measure and cut out any requirement for computer analytics.
5. Direct mailing can be very economical, as business clients can take advantages of mass mailing rates to make substantial cost savings. offer commercial printing and leaflet design templates at affordable rates. We are a professional printing and online design company and can meet the needs of business clients of any size. Contact us for more information.