Conferences, exhibitions, networking events and similar are great places to meet people who work in the same industry or sector as you. Many businesses do not realise the number of opportunities which come from meeting other like-minded industry professionals. These individuals might become your clients or may end up working with you in some capacity. As a result, it’s vital to make sure you make a professional first impression about you and your brand. Ensuring your potential new clients or businesses partners have enough collateral to know exactly about the products and services you offer but can take away from the event and review at a later date. Printed marketing collateral is key when attending any event as a business representative or owner. We have put together the essentials and why you should be investing in these without any further thought:
For a higher return of investment in producing and distributing your marketing materials, apply a consistent look to each of the elements. Not only does this help build your brand awareness but it keeps a unified message across your marketing means. Being quickly and easily identifiable is incredibly important.
Business cards
Business cards are a must for any business anywhere. Business card printing is an inexpensive way to indicate to others that your business is professional and trustworthy. The impact of a well –designed business card reaches far beyond the act of handing it over to someone. A business card holds all the importance contact information anyone needs to be able to contact you so once you have parted company you are not quickly forgotten about. Business cards also have a secondary function, marketing material. Although its size it’s very effective at catching a prospects eye and directing them to your website or social media pages. Essentially you should always carry a business card but make sure you take them to any networking event.
If you meet a contact who expresses serious interest in your business and wants to know more about it, you may want to give them a high quality printed brochure full of information they can peruse in their own time. A brochure is a neat, presentable package which contains all the information you might want to impart about your business, which makes them ideal for contacts who want more detailed information. What’s more, thanks to their tidy, booklet-like design, they are easy to transport and distribute, even at the most hectic events. You can retrieve them from your bag or briefcase without too much rummaging and hand them out in a calm, professional manner. We don’t recommend giving out brochures to everyone you meet at your conference or event. They are much bulkier than business cards, and handing them out to everyone might seem slightly over-the-top. However, you should take a few with you, just in case you meet a handful of very enthusiastic contacts who would like to see your range of services or products in more detail. Your business brochure is vital to the success of your marketing strategy by providing information about the products and services you offer. Incorporate your unique style, graphic design and branding into a high quality and professional brochure for your business without hesitation.
Branded Stationery
During the course of a conference or event, you may need business stationery such as branded notepads or letter headed paper Why not make sure that the thing you’re writing on can help market your business? Carry paper with your custom letterhead printed and you will give a far more professional and trustworthy image about you are your business. You won’t have to scribble down important notes on post-its or scraps torn from notebooks. Instead, you can write them beneath a superb, professional letterhead on high-quality paper.
It’s easy to fit business cards, two or three brochures and some custom stationery in a small briefcase, so there’s no reason not to take these items with you if you’re attending a conference or event. More importantly they could seriously help you establish positive relations with contacts and clients.