Online now dominates the marketing industry – Google and Facebook, commonly seen as tech giants, rake in a huge slice of global marketing spend. But that doesn’t mean you have to focus entirely on digital marketing. There are still some “old fashioned” marketing techniques that work just as well.
Let’s consider a few.
1. Business cards
Who needs a business card when you’ve got a website? It’s a common argument, but one that’s fundamentally flawed.
Networking with potential clients one-on-one at conferences and similar events is a great way to drum up business. But if you’re relying on people to remember your name, or your website address, then you’re in for a nasty surprise.
Business cards serve as a useful reminder for prospective clients about who you are, and what you can do for them and as such, they should be a key part of your marketing tool kit.
2. Flyers and leaflets
Rising to the top of Google takes time, and of course not every business can top the search rankings.
That’s why flyer printing and leaflet printing remain a solid choice for marketing a new or growing business.
Takeaways have always known this – they regularly leaflet local residences, and it’s a tactic that can work for other businesses too.
Just starting out? Why not print flyers and leaflets which give the holder an introductory discount? And if you’re an established business, why not consider a seasonal special offer?
You’ll be surprised how many people will respond to a simple leafleting campaign.
3. Poster campaigns
Ok, if you’re a small business you’re probably not going to splash out on a huge billboard campaign, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore posters as a tactic. Poster printing is an inexpensive but very effective form of marketing material.
If you’re a cafe, a well-designed poster can help draw more customers through your door. And of course, if you’re putting on events, posters can help you advertise far and wide.
Ultimately as “old fashioned” as you may think they are, traditional marketing methods are still vital for the success of your marketing endeavors. For all your printed marketing materials visit