Colour is an incredibly important tool for businesses which you can use in so many ways. From the interior design of your offices to the colours you use in your leaflet printing, choosing the right colours is essential to creating a great impression. For both startups and established businesses, appearing on-trend and current is key to reaching new markets and creating an iconic brand. By using the 2019 colour trends, you can appeal to modern, young customers and create a brand that stands out from your competitors. We look at the latest colour trends and how you can use them in your business.

Colour of the year – Living Coral

Every year Pantone chooses its colour of the year and this year it’s called Living Coral. This bright pinky orange is perfect for grabbing attention and creating an energising and optimistic feeling. Use living coral in your artwork for cheerful and engaging posts that are totally on trend. This bold colour can be used in small ways too, like a font colour on a white background or on printed stickers. Think about using living coral in your leaflet printing, it may help capture the audiences eye promoting them to engage with your business. Experiment with complimentary shades like white, grey and turquoise.

Woodland shades

With a shift towards more natural and environmentally conscious design, we have seen woodland shades become really popular in 2019. From rich greens to mushroom grey and earthy browns, natural shades create a connection with nature. These colours are perfect for eco-friendly messages, so use them to show off your brand’s environmental policies and features. Mix them with natural materials, like recycled paper and brown envelopes for an earthy, comforting feel.

Bold red

Red is another colour that has been popular in graphic design in 2019, and is perfect for grabbing attention and making your message stand out. Choose vibrant shades of red like cayenne and scarlet to make a strong, visual impression. Red is a colour that is perfect for print media, so try using all-red leaflets to highlight major events or new information. This colour works best with bold, minimalist design so try and stick to plain fonts and a simple colour palette, with just red, white and black.

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