For any SME, being able to get your name out there and market your services is key. This will let everyone know not only that you exist but where they can find you and what you have to offer. Many SME’s though will not have an endless marketing budget which means you must find methods that deliver great value. For any sort of small or medium business, flyers are one of the best solutions around. Flyer printing is cost-effective to produce, they give a great way to market your brand directly to the public.

To really maximise the impact of flyers though, you need to put careful thought into the design. A well-laid out flyer will hit the mark perfectly in catching people’s eye and quickly telling them all about you. Here are a few tips which will help you design awesome flyers to market your business with.

Don’t make it too crowded

The temptation for all business owners when drawing up flyers is to cram as much information on there as you can. You get so afraid of missing something out that you fit in every detail about your business. The issue here is that the flyer then gets too crowded and difficult to read for people. Instead, try to keep it uncluttered while still including all the key information anyone will need to know.

Try to use colour

A well-designed flyer will first and foremost catch someone’s eye. This is what makes them so effective as a marketing tool – that initial impact stays with people and keeps your brand in their mind. If possible, using full colour flyers is a great tip. This will make yours stand out from all the others which it may have to compete with. 

Think about including testimonials

Although you do not want too many that will clutter your flyer up, a short customer testimonial or two can help others decide to use your services. The modern consumer increasingly relies on confirmation from others to decide who they do business with. By giving them this on your flyer, you are helping them to feel comfortable enough to spend money with you.

<bTop quality flyer printing

Of course, the other major tip is to always choose a professional company to print your flyers once designed. Here at, we offer cost-effective and fast flyer printing for SME’s. We are sure you will love the quality of our flyers and the superb service we offer. Get in touch today for more details.