Make it memorable, honest and professional

First impressions count. By creating a professional and unique brand aesthetic using bespoke promotional literature, such as high quality flyers, stationery, business cards and event displays, you’ll be sure to make an impact. This applies to online marketing too – on average, your Instagram posts only have around 50 milliseconds to make an impression on a consumer before they scroll on by, so your branding needs to be spot on. Take business cards for instance, with your logo on display and your brand’s colour palette flowing through your aesthetic, it’s a snapshot of your company’s ethos that you can hold in the palm of your hand. 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so it’s no wonder that in the digital age we currently live in, more small businesses are flocking to Instagram to market their products and services. According to Hootsuite, around 60% of Instagram users are constantly discovering new products on the platform, so how can you make the most out of this handy app, combined with printed materials?

Get up close and personal

Combining Instagram with high quality printed materials can help you cultivate a community that you can engage with on a more immediate level. Why not add a leaflet to every order you send to say thank you, go the extra mile and add ‘follow us on Instagram @yourusername and say hello!’, linking the bridge between you and your customer, keeping them interested and in touch. In the same way that receiving a written letter means much more these days, for small businesses, high quality printed materials are the gateway to accessing a broader audience on a much more personal, traditional level.

Offer your customers an insight into your business

Use your online platform to show your audience the faces behind your business and give them the opportunity to interact with you. Snap a photo for your grid of your stall at an event with your roller banner and table cloth in view and tell them what you’re up to, unbox your new business cards in your stories or create a competition for your followers to enter by posting a photo of your posters around town. 

With a broad range of printed material to help you creatively shout about your business, the possibilities are endless. Here at, we offer a multitude of high quality products to add a new dimension to your marketing strategy from roller banners to business cards, from stickers to leaflets and even wallpaper! Do it right, and you’ll always leave people wanting more.