Starting up any UK business can be a heady time for entrepreneurs; however, worries about translating cash flow and sales forecasts into reality can cause many a sleepless night. One of the most important tips for any startup is to market the business effectively, as this can help ensure sales of goods and services from day one of trading. However, this form of marketing doesn’t always transfer successfully into the digital world.

Marketing my UK startup successfully

The traditional marketing tools of business cards, promotional leaflets and flyers, and even business letters, are evergreen solutions that really do work. Combining traditional print marketing with digital marketing is definitely the way forward for any startup. For example, commercial printing and design experts can help you create a business logo with the most impact, or print the affordable, branded product freebies your customers will adore. Combs for hairdressers, sample menus for restaurants, and bookmarks for professionals are just some of the ways startups can ensure a marketing head start.

Why traditional print still works for startups and existing businesses

Of course, digital marketing techniques can help you build your startup, particularly once you’ve acquired great reviews and built up a reputation. But, it has to be said that the use of print should never be neglected by serious entrepreneurs. Printed copy is a tangible indication of your business, adding far more authenticity within the serious world of business. What’s more, if all your marketing focus is placed within the digital sphere you could lose customers due to erratic WiFi signalling.

Some of the most successful print products for business include business cards, leaflets or flyers, posters and brochure printing. Here are just some of the reasons for this:

– You can easily tote your business cards in your wallet or bag, making them instantly available to dole out to interested and potential clients no matter where you happen to be. In addition, the customised design of your business card has a genuine and immediate impact!

– When you opt to print a run of leaflets, posters, or flyers, you can market your startup in the most appropriate locations, and attract the right customers to your business. Digital adverts may not be targeted to the best potential client sectors, but physical marketing can be targeted to reach just the customers your business needs to grow.

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