Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is one of the most effective ways to market your business. It’s also simple to implement if you know what you’re doing. By using SEO best practices, you can increase the number of visitors who find your site through search engines like Google and Bing. Here are three main benefits of using SEO as part of your marketing strategy:

1. It increases traffic to your website

When done properly, SEO can help you increase traffic to your website. For example, if someone searches a keyword related to your business, they should see your site at the top of their search engine results page. This is called organic search engine optimisation (SEO) and requires you to optimise certain aspects of your website, including:

• Title tags
• Meta descriptions
• Images
• URLs
• Link anchor text
• Subheadings
• Main body content

2. It’s a cost-effective form of marketing

SEO is one of the most cost-effective forms of online marketing. While you can hire an SEO marketer to handle it for you, it’s possible to learn some of the skills and techniques yourself, which will save you money on outsourcing costs. What’s more, SEO is a long-term benefit for your business, so while there may be some ongoing costs to manage, it can provide a continuous return on your investment.

What’s more, there is a wide range of strategies you can choose from, so you’re bound to find something suitable for your business.

3. SEO and print can be used together

The third benefit of SEO is that it can be used in combination with your print marketing. By sending targeted traffic to your website from your printed materials, you’re helping to boost your search engine ranking. For example, you could have a leaflet or brochure that highlights some of your products and has a web address users can go to for more information. Or you could have business cards that direct users to a particular page of your website, like your about us page or an enquiry form. Business card printing is an essential item of your marketing material that should not be overlooked.

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