They say a picture paints a thousand words, and when you’re marketing your business this couldn’t be more true. If you’re attending an event, an exhibition or simply want to pull attention to a certain product on site, then roller banners are the way to go. Available to pop up and go at any time, roller banners feature a large canvas for advertising and are a cost-effective way to boost your brand. If you need a roller banner for your business, here’s four ways to make sure it’s a success…
1. Set their sights high
In terms of business you may have set your sights high; on a roller banner the top is the eye-line for most customers. As the first point of observation, you should put your most important message right in their line of sight. Make sure your company logo and colours stand out right away and that the key point of your banner is clear and easy to understand.
2. Use images with high resolution
Roller banners are sizeable marketing displays, so any images used should be of a high quality. Avoid low resolution by choosing large, sharp and clear images for your design. Make sure the image fits with your message and your branding so that it catches the attention of the right people.
3. Use large text
Your roller banner needs to attract attention, sometimes from long distances. Using a large, bold font that’s easy to read will ensure that your message isn’t missed. Make sure all wording is coloured in a way that doesn’t clash with the background.
4. Include important information
As well as your main message be sure to include all relevant, important information. Your company name and contact details should be abundantly clear and easily noticed. If you are after direct results, add a compelling call to action to encourage potential customers to get in touch.
If you need a roller banner you must make sure it is of a high standard and looks professional. For affordable, high-quality roller banners that you can design online, contact Check out our roller banner design and if there is anything you need our friendly team are on hand to help with any enquiries.