It’s important for your business to have a strong brand identity and convey it to customers through print. Your business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, packaging and promotional advertising are all essential in creating a positive experience, cultivating trust and building a strong, recognisable brand. Getting it wrong can mean the difference between growing your business and a dwindling income.
Make sure your business is working as hard as you do and steer clear of this list of common printing errors.
Low quality print
Cheap printing doesn’t have to mean cheap-looking print. When you hand out a poorly printed business card on card that feels flimsy and cheap, you’re not sending a very positive message to a contact or customer. Make sure you’re investing in high quality paper stocks and crisp commercial printing to really gain professional points.
Bad graphic design
If you don’t have a designer in-house, you may be tempted to opt for a cheap option or even to give it a go yourself. This is a good idea in theory, but unless you have graphic design knowledge, you’ll only succeed in creating poor designs and wasting a lot of precious time. Investing in a skilled graphic designer or using ready-made designs online helps to ensure your business is always represented by high quality imagery and your artwork files are correctly set up for print, which ensures a far better end result.
Too much text
Have you ever been handed a leaflet or flyer only to look down and not quite understand what you’re being asked to do? Keep the message on your promotional print clear and concise because its important for getting your message out effectively. When in doubt, just remember to tell people who you are, what you do, why it benefits them and what you want them to do. A strong call to action means a higher response rate because customers are more likely to understand what’s being asked of them. Remember to include your contact details.
Mismatched branding
If you’ve settled on a logo, font set and colour palette for your brand, it should be your go-to for everything your business prints and distributes. Many small businesses forget to keep consistent branding across all their printed media, leading to customer confusion and a diluted brand image. Make sure that your business cards, stationery and marketing materials are all recognisable as ‘you’.
Conquer the basics of printing for business and you can effectively cultivate a strong, professional image that customers will be happy to trust in and engage with. If you are looking for flyer printing, business card printing or more then contact us today