Technology takes precedence in many ways, in all aspects of our lives. This leads businesses to often forget the many benefits of so-called “offline” marketing methods. One of which, that still has a notable effect even in a digital world, is direct mail.
Here are three benefits of direct mail, which mean you should be considering it if you’re not already.
Superior Targetability
A direct mailshot can be targeted to specific groups of people very easily. In a short space of time, you can segment your mailing list by any parameters you choose. You can then tailor the mail that you send to each group, to inspire the most response from each set of recipients.
For example, you can send your most loyal customers some special offer money-off vouchers. You can send potential customers a brochure, or a flyer highlighting what you do and who you are. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to make a quick and lasting impact with a large group of people.
It’s Highly Affordable
Cheap printing doesn’t have to mean bad printing. With a specialist service such as for example, you’ll get high-quality printing for very little initial investment. Flyer and leaflet printing which act as great cost effective direct mail materials can be printed in high quantities for low prices. Considering said minimal investment, the rate of return and prospect engagement from direct mail is incredible.
For just a few pounds, you can have multiple custom designed flyers printed. It’s impossible to get individual branding on anything for less. Consider how much you would need to spend on adverts and banners to get a similar level of brand visibility. It makes direct mail affordable, even for small businesses.
You Can Be Creative
The ability to conveniently design online means that your direct mail materials can be whatever you want them to be – so go wild. Using online leaflet design templates you can easily and effectively create an eye catching design to ensure your marketing campaign is picked up.
For more on how to grab your readers attention with a direct mail marketing campaign, read this great article published in Forbes.
It’s your opportunity to make a splash, so make sure you’re using bold colours and striking imagery. Direct mail marketing is still used by many businesses because it’s cheap and effective. This means you need to set yourself apart from the competition.
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