There is a huge variety of different printed media types that can be used in marketing and advertising. Large brochures can provide rich, detailed introductions to your brand, your products and your services. Leaflets and flyers can be distributed with ease to quickly grab consumers’ attention. Direct mail advertising (which utilises both custom letterheads and printed envelopes) can be used to reach potential customers in their homes.

Obviously, some types of printed media absolutely have to be printed professionally because they have complex formats or can only be printed on specific types of paper or card. However, if you run a small business with a limited advertising budget, you may be tempted to print more basic advertising materials (such as flyers) yourself. We would urge you not to give into this temptation. It might seem simpler and easier than having your advertising materials printed professionally, but professional printing is always better for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons

1. Superior quality and customer attraction

In an excellent article on ‘AllBusiness’, puts it clearly “no more powerful way to affect your own marketing than to insist on the very best quality that you can offer”. High-quality marketing materials make your business look professional and therefore help you to attract more customers. Naturally, professionally produced advertising materials will always have better print-quality and higher production standards than ones you can make with your own printer. Settling for lower-quality DIY printed advertisements is a false economy because they won’t help you generate much consumer interest: opt for professional printing instead.

2. Professional printing and durability

Professional printers usually offer a wide range of paper types, many of which are more durable and long-lasting than conventional printer paper. By having your advertising materials printed professionally, with quality paper stocks, finishes and high-pigment inks, you can ensure that they will last longer than ones you could produce yourself. This means they will be seen by more people before they become illegible or damaged. Note that printing on durable paper is particularly important if you plan on distributing your advertisements outside, because they may have to stand up to harsh weather conditions.

3. Error Reduction

It’s often easier to spot errors when creating a piece of advertising using a professional printer’s template system. As a result, you’re less likely to accidentally distribute advertisements containing mistakes. Remember: it’s important to avoid mistakes in order to maintain your professional reputation.

Quality in all your printed products is vital for all interactions and should not be overlooked.

Here at, we offer high-quality printing for a variety of different advertising materials including brochure printing, flyer printing and business cards. Trying to produce your own printed advertisements may be admirable, but by allowing professional experts to print your marketing and advertising materials, you can ensure that they generate more interest.