Marketing is crucial for any business and something you cannot afford to ignore. One approach which is enduringly popular in this area is direct mail marketing. This sees companies mail out marketing materials direct to existing customers or potential ones.

If you have never used this method before, you might wonder why it is so effective. To help answer this, we have rounded up 4 of direct mail’s top benefits below.

1. Tangible way to connect with people

There is no doubt that digital marketing methods can be very useful but direct mail marketing has one major advantage – it uses physical resources, rather than digital ones. This might not seem a big deal but many people still prefer having a physical flyer or brochure they can hold in their hands to interact with. Brochure printing remains an integral part of marketing material.

2. Inexpensive way to reach customers

This is another major benefit your business can get from using direct mail marketing. Put simply, the materials you use in a campaign like this (such as booklets or flyers) are cheap to have printed. This is especially true if you order the items you need in bulk. As a result, your company can reduce its marketing costs while still enjoying effective results.

3. Puts you in people’s homes

The very nature of this marketing approach means your brand will be delivered directly into people’s homes. This is very powerful in terms of brand building and growing as a business. Physical marketing materials in the home hang around much longer in the memory than an online ad or emailed newsletter. As a result, direct mail resources can put your brand where people spend most of their time and where it will be seen by multiple consumers.

4. Creative way to market your business

Direct mail marketing is also a very creative way to connect with consumers. These kinds of resources can be customised to show off your brand’s quirky side or use colour to the best effect. As many companies focus solely on digital marketing now, using a direct mail approach also helps you stand out from the crowd.

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