With social media, market research, customer surveys and extensive data stored in CRM databases, it’s fair to say that customers tend to know more about their target audience than ever before. However, have you ever thought about how this information could be segmented and utilised to create the perfect print marketing campaign?

How personalised printing works

When running a direct mail marketing campaign, you (or your design team) will undoubtedly work hard to create an eye-catching brochure or flyer which attracts the attention of your mailing list. While this approach can yield successful results, using your client data to offer a personalised leaflet or brochure printing could help your brand to connect with customers in a deeper and more meaningful way.

When a customer receives a personalised message, the message is more likely to capture their attention. If it’s more likely to capture their attention, they’re also more likely to engage with the message.

Personalisation can be as simple as envelope printing with the name of your customer on it. After all, consumers are much more likely to engage with direct mail if it has their name on, as opposed to a generic term like ‘the occupier’.

However, personalisation also allows you to get complex with your segmentation – for example, arranging for different leaflet printing with alternate messages based on demographics like geolocation, age or gender.

Tailor your deals by demographic

You don’t just have to stop with message personalisation – by tailoring deals and offers to clients based on their previous purchases, you’re appealing to what you already know your customer’s preferences are. The benefits are easy to see: your customer appreciates the benefit of the personal touch, while you increase the success of your direct mail marketing campaign by reaping the extra orders that come in based on your personalised offers.

For more on the power of personalisation check out this fantastic article on Forbes: 50 Stats Showing The Power Of Personalisation

Find out more about personalised printing

With cheap printing, you can use personalisation to connect with your audience on a more meaningful level. If you’re looking to personalise your leaflets, flyers, brochure printing or booklet printing, why not contact PrintUK.com today? Our team will be happy to talk you through the options available.