Sending out top-of-the-line business leaflets, flyers, printed business cards and other printed media can speak volumes about the quality of your business, your products, your services, your staff, and especially your company ethos. Having high quality printed products i.e. leaflet printing is fantastic for showing off your brand and letting people know who you are, which is why having a strong logo is an important part of the process. So what does your logo say about you?
Sell yourself simply
A well designed logo should give people an idea about what you’re offering. This doesn’t necessarily have to be overt, but certain colour schemes may suggest an area of interest – for example, green, browns, and muted tones are synonymous with environmentally friendly companies. Have a think about what your logo tells a customer if it isn’t supported by any text. If you’re interested in the psychology of colour, take a look at our article about using colour to promote your brand: (
Think about context
Some logos can support lots of colours, text, and other information, but others need to be simple. Often companies have a large logo as well as a smaller more concise version for use on social media channels. Think about where your logo is being used – a printed poster can carry a larger more detailed logo than a printed business card logo, for example. Therefore each could call for entirely different qualities.
Know your area
The whole point of a logo is to sell your business and yours alone, so show that you know the marketplace and your competitors by ensuring you’re providing a unique offering. Have a look at what companies in the same field are producing and go the extra mile to ensure yours stands out. Logos should be identifiable.
Checkout this great article from for a little bit of logo design help: 99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration
Making the most of your business can be actioned in many ways, and getting your logo right is just one of them. It’s important to always look professional, up-to-date, and like you care – and that’s where printed media products come in i.e. leaflet printing. They’re a brilliant way of sharing news and products, as well as keeping connected with your customer base. If you’d like to know more about how we can share your logo and increase your exposure to grow your business through printing contact us today.