New Year is all about a fresh start, and there’s no better way to make a fresh start than with a glut of new sales and business growth. So if you want the best possible start to the year then you should plan ahead with a new year marketing campaign.
Of course you can join the herd by heavily discounting your products/services and joining in the post-Christmas sales mentality. Retail shops do it because it works, after all, so you can adopt this approach and offer new clients a heavy discount to try your service or product in the new year.
You don’t always have to slash your prices to get attention, though, and for some industries joining the race to the bottom simply isn’t the most effective way to do business. Luckily, there are a couple of other options.
1. New Year competition
People love competitions, so if you do a New Year giveaway then it’s an ideal way to get home addresses and emails for people you can market to in the weeks and months ahead. It’s the first touch point, but it can prove invaluable. Carry out some business flyer printing to create brand awareness and alert potential participants to your competition. Don’t forget to print your competition forms whilst sending out direct mailers to spark some interest in the local area, bolster your direct marketing efforts by adding your competition online through social media channels etc…
2. A free consultation
In many industries the first consultation will be free in any case, but many businesses are looking to make changes in the new year so publicising this fact can open the lines of communication with new clients, highlighting that you are a pro-active company who offer solutions to clients. This type of inbound marketing has proved its worth time and time again as the direct route to customers slices through the sea of advertising
3. Help with resolutions
This one is more advanced. Many of your customers and clients will have made resolutions, though, so supporting their efforts could help you forge a bond that leads to a business relationship.
Send out some high quality printing, like a wallplanner and a calendar so they can mark their progress. Use social media, invite your customers, partners, clients and friends to communicate with each other and make your website or Facebook page the hub of a resolutions community. Taken to its extreme it is a major campaign, but done well it could be a winner.
4. Launch a newsletter
A magazine or well designed and printed newsletter is likely to get a better reception at New Year when your clients and customers sweep out the old and usher in the new. So if you are looking to get brave and unleash a new form of marketing, New Year is the time to do it.
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