As one of the UK’s most versatile and enthusiastic printing and design companies, we offer high-quality, low-cost leaflet printing for a variety of different leaflet layouts and styles. However, printing and distributing leaflets is only effective if your leaflet design is eye-catching, up-to-date and engrossing. So it is a good idea to reinvigorate your leaflet campaign by scrapping your old design and introducing a new one every so often. But how can you tell if your current leaflet design has gone past its sell-by date and needs replacing? We’ve come up with three simple ways to tell if it’s time for a new design.
1. Decreasing responses
The most straightforward way to tell if you need a new leaflet design is to monitor the number of responses your leaflet campaign generates. If you are getting fewer responses than you used to, it might be because your leaflet design hasn’t aged well and can no longer grab consumers’ attention effectively. By researching modern leaflet design techniques and coming up with a new design, you should be able to increase your responses and re-energise your leaflet campaign dramatically.
2. Design professionalism
You need to ensure that your leaflet has a “good professional design”. There is no need to spend huge amounts of money on graphic design and branding if you’re only needing a refresh, check out this great article from the team at Design Shack. : How to Design an Awesome Flyer (Even if You’re Not a Designer). Remember to have a look at the leaflets your competitors are putting out. If their leaflets seem more professional than yours, it’s probably because your design hasn’t withstood the test of time. But don’t worry: a new, more modern design should give your leaflet printing and marketing the air of professionalism it needs.
3. Outdated imagery
If your leaflet uses photographs, it’s important to update it regularly. If your current photographs look dated or low-quality, this can indicate that you’ve been using the same images and leaflet design for too long. If so, it’s time for a fresh start.
Here at, we want your leaflet design and print to have a great impact on your prospective customers, so it’s important to us that your design looks as good as possible. When you’ve come up with your new leaflet design, take a look at the different leaflet printing options that we offer. Don’t hesitate, order today.