Underestimated by many in the business sphere, the business card is one of the most useful tools any professional can own. Whilst the ever evolving digital world advances around us, you may wonder if the traditional business card has become superfluous. In short, no it hasn’t and here are some reasons why you should ensure you get business cards printed.
The primary function of a business card is to present your contact information to others, whether it be other people in business or potential new clients. Commonly the information provided comprises of the business name and address, the service or products you offer and contact information. However they are a great multipurpose marketing tool by simply attaching a business card to other printed marketing materials such as brochures or leaflets you’re giving your customer an accessible and visible tool to contact you .In some instances you can advertise on the reverse of your business card, anything that might interest the customer and enable them to buy or invest in your product or service.
Facilitating Networking:
Through the growth of business networking sites the ability to virtually network globally at the touch of a button is easier than ever. However, whilst online networking has expanded it hasn’t, and will not supersede face-to-face networking that has long been a reliable method for developing business relationships. Not only is relationship building essential for your business, face-to-face interactions help build trust around your brand ultimately leading to increased opportunities. Business cards play a vital role at these events and will facilitate your networking successes. As a tangle means of communicating to a new audience it should not be replaced by a mobile device and allows for easily accessibly contact to be made long after an event or meeting has taken place.
Adding legitimacy to your Business:
Trust, a key element to conducting successful business. Business cards have an immense psychological impact when they are handed out: they convey professionalism and organisation, ultimately leading to trust and ensuring a loyal and continuously growing customer base. First impressions count, therefore it is vital to ensure your business cards are of a high quality printing and design to give you and your business the best start in a new interaction. From the look, texture, weight and the dimensions of the card you want to send a positive message about your brand and its uniqueness. Business cards have become symbolic in the business world and are without a doubt a worthwhile investment. Being a highly personalised form of marketing the impact can be immense especially for building your brand.
Landing a deal:
The exchange of a business card is key to establishing business relationships globally. No matter what country you are in business card exchanges are vitally important. For instance in many Asian countries the business card is essentially an extension of a person and are exchanged upon meeting. Handing over a business card could seal a deal that otherwise may not have been facilitated over email or digitally. The impact of a business card transaction could be the deciding factor of whether or not someone will invest in you and the service or product you offer.
Remember a business card is representing you as a person but also your business. Therefore your business card should be of high quality in condition and design as it speaks volumes on how you intend to conduct yourself within business. Regardless of the digital world we now live in, the traditional business card is still a necessary and vital part of conducting business.

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