There are undoubtable arguments that can be made for and against the use of print in our technology and digitally driven world. Since the dawn of the internet and digitally based marketing and advertising activities, many companies have diverted their efforts from billboard, brochure and direct mail endeavours to a more online focus. Have they seen any increases in sales or brand presence or does the power of print hold a timeless and vital part of the marketing mix which we should not totally isolate?

  1. The Tangibility and physical presence of print is powerful

“ The Power of Print” is widely debated globally amongst marketeers, print professionals and end consumers. There is an undeniable argument for the physical impact of print on a person’s phycological perception of its content. Taking a look at the luxury product industry, the use of glossy brochures and magazines holds a certain prestige that online simply cannot achieve. Take buying a new car for example, when you come to collect your new vehicle you expect to be presented with a new high-quality printed brochure all about your car detailing the specifications, the intricate details and so on. Imagine being handed the keys and told to go onto the website simply search for this information and do it yourself. Brochure printing is a fantastic way of communicating a large volume of information with your customers. The tangible platform of print has, and will continue to resonate with consumers, especially consumers of high end, luxury products.

  1. Balance Between Digital and Print

Businesses globally are re-evaluating the relevance of print in the way we advertise and promote our brands. There is no denying that using print alongside online marketing tools will help to create a full-bodied and effective way to market and advertise your business. There is, however, an equilibrium which needs to be created in order for the desired outcome to be reached. Depending on the nature of your business will determine the type of printed materials required to generate as much impact with your customers as possible. Identifying your target consumer is key. For example if your business is geared towards targeting the younger generation, your probably going to spend more of your resources in online marketing efforts but also following up with some powerful printed materials, possibly postcards or posters with a catching design that they will keep or use, reminding them about your business, products or services. Here we can see there is a balance generated from both the online and print perspectives. Another example at the other end of the spectrum are the older generations who are less likely to have full access to online marketing mediums and are influenced by physical hard copy, flyers and brochures.

  1. Print is professional

When investing in a financial services or legal services etc. you expect the highest quality in all aspects of your encounters from customer service, access to information and follow up communications. Well designed, high quality printed business stationery is incredibly powerful. Whether its receiving communications in a printed branded envelope containing a branded letterhead or a company brochure detailing the products and services they offer quality and design is key. Envelope printing and brochure printing may seem like a unnecessary cost to a business but you would be surprised on the impact these printed products have to a customer and their perception on how you wish to perform business. A successful business is built on trust and trust can be gained through print.
There is an undeniable need for print in our digitally dominated world. Check out our vast range of printed marketing materials you should invest in for your business.