Printing and design can have a drastic effect on your business’s brand, and one key element you should bear in mind is colour. Just like a brand name or slogan, colour has the ability to trigger emotion, memory and feeling all at once.
High-quality graphic design is all about getting the colours right and knowing which colours to choose from to give the desired effect. Here’s a basic guide to start you off…
1. Red
Red can be associated with love, passion and excitement. It implies reliability as a brand and inspires confidence in your products or services. Used in the food, clothing, and entertainment industries, red is known to make a strong impact and can impel people to take action.
A versatile colour, lighter shades can be energetic, while darker shades can represent power and elegance. Using red in your print designs is a great way to capture people’s attention and demand their participation.
2. Orange
Orange is associated with creativity, which will make flyers and leaflets more appealing to the young aspiring creative. Using orange is a good way to be approachable as a brand and not too forceful.
Orange can appeal to people who enjoy health and fitness, as it’s a friendly and welcoming colour. It’s also people-oriented and encourages optimism too.
3. Yellow
Yellow is bright and full of energy, which is associated with positivity. It’s an excellent choice of colour for the arts and entertainment, as it’s eye-catching and known for promoting fun and playful products.
4. Blue
Blue is a calm and trusted colour used in strong corporate logos such as bank branding. This is because it’s reliable, formal and inspires confidence, plus, it can generate a variety of effects in graphic design. Blue is a great colour to use on business stationery such as envelope printing. Blue is also largely seen in the technology sector, known for its no-nonsense, professional feel.
5. Black
Black works well with any other colour. It’s powerful and robust, as well as being elegant and sophisticated. There is a mysteriousness to black, but it can be rebellious too. High-end fashion brands are known for using black for its toned-down look.
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