Direct mailing is an important marketing strategy for many businesses. While many people focus on the design and quality of the mail itself, the envelope it will be posted in shouldn’t be ignored, either.

After all, the envelope will be the first thing a recipient sees when the mail hits the doormat. So, it needs to have impact and grab attention in order to encourage people to open it in the first place. Crucially, the envelope can help to form that all-important first impression of your business.

When you think about envelope printing there are some common mistakes you should try and avoid.

Branding inconsistency

An envelope should be regarded as an extension of your branding, so don’t make the mistake off going off-key when designing your envelope by introducing colours, fonts or themes that are inconsistent with your brand or ethos.

Introducing elements of your branding in the design of your envelopes will encourage consistency and reinforce awareness of your business. At the very least, your logo and business name should be included, notably in a prominent position.

Not considering the design layout

Adding designs to your envelopes can really help them to stand out from the crowd, but that doesn’t give you free rein to colour in every bit of blank space. You need to keep postal regulations in mind when designing and printing envelopes, avoiding placing artwork on the central face of the envelope and top right-hand corner. When designing your envelope, leave a 3/8 inch gap at the top to allow for envelope printing.

Cluttered design

Whatever space you’ve got to play around with on your envelope, use it wisely. Avoid cluttering it with too much colour or graphics, and, instead, keep it as simple as possible yet effective. Remember the mantra – less is more! If you opt for a coloured envelope, which can be eye-catching in itself, choose a shade consistent with your branding, or one that’s associated with a particular feeling or emotion you’re trying to evoke.

Poor quality printing

No matter what your budget, never resort to poor quality printing to save a few pennies. Not only will your envelopes look unprofessional, but they might not fully protect the contents inside. Choosing high-quality printing doesn’t need to be expensive, especially if you take advantage of cost savings by ordering in bulk.

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