Over the last decade, the internet has changed the way we market and advertise our businesses. With social media marketing, blogging and innovative e-commerce websites, lots of brands are now focusing all of their attention online, and leaving behind more traditional forms of physical marketing, like direct mail and leaflet printing. In addition, email means that fewer and fewer people are now sending letters – but this doesn’t mean that printed letterheads and business stationery aren’t of use to your business. So, with that in mind, here’s three reasons why letterhead printing is still important and effective, starting with how they can help your branding.
1. Get your brand out there
Every business needs a brand to survive – it’s just how today’s marketplace works. This means that you need to take every opportunity you can to help grow and develop your brand, both online and offline. By using printed letterheads on your letters and other official documents, you’re ensuring that your brand gets out there in another way, which can only be good for it. In addition, letterhead printing gives you another chance to develop and get feedback on your logo and other graphic design elements, helping you hone your brand. Have a look at this fantastic article by Start-Up Donut: How to design your own business stationery
2. Show a personal touch
Now that most businesses are going solely online, why not buck the trends and use a traditional form of communication like printed brochures with a personalised printed letterhead? This kind of attention to detail not only helps you stand out from the crowd, it also shows a personal touch to the way you do business. Think of it this way: if everyone is using impersonal online communication like emails and social media, a letter can really have a major effect on prospective customers and clients. This kind of personal touch can be key in securing new business, and cementing your existing business relationships as you fight off the competition.
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3. Link them with your direct mail
Direct mail printing is still a very effective way of marketing your business, and you can use your printed letterheads as part of your direct mail campaign. You can do this by sending out an open letter to your customers and clients, or a thank you note for their ongoing business.
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