Despite all the talk that we have now moved into the post-paper, internet age, direct mail printing remains an incredibly effective and efficient way to market your business and its products and services. In fact, in 2014 direct mail usage by brands and businesses accounted for almost 60% of all the mail sent in the United Kingdom, a significant increase from 39.9% in 1990. However, whilst this shows that printed direct mail usage is on the up, it also means that your business will have more competition from other brands, and so you will need to do something extra to make your direct mail stand out – and this is where envelope printing comes in. So, with that in mind, here are three ways that using printed envelopes as part of your direct mailing campaign could really help grow your business.
1. Branding
Like any marketing campaign, direct mail is all about branding. You need to make sure that your mailing conveys the ideals, values, and culture of your brand, as well as whatever products and services you’re selling. This is now more important than ever, as today branding is one of the key factors in running a successful business. By using printed envelopes, you’re ensuring that your brand is communicated to your prospective customers even before they’ve opened the post and read about your products and services.
2. Make your campaign stand out
Now that printed and personalised direct mail usage is on the rise, as the statistics demonstrated earlier in this post, it is important that you are able to make sure that your campaign stands out from all the rest. In order to do this, you need to differentiate your printed mail from that of your competitors, by making it more aesthetically pleasing. Capturing the attention of your potential audience by having triggers and call to action on your printed envelopes i.e. voucher inside, sale on etc… Entice the customer to open and read your direct mail, think of which printed mailings you open and why, try to replicate this on your own direct mail. Remember to entice and intrigue with your personalised and printed envelopes.
3. Get your direct mail noticed
Lots of printing and direct mail is thrown away or recycled by recipients, either on purpose or by accident. However, by putting your brand on the envelope, you’re making it stand out from the rest of the post that day, ensuring that it won’t be thrown away and will be read by your customers. Think of brand awareness at the forefront of your marketing campaign. The conversions into sales of carrying out brand awareness campaigns might take a while but the objective is long term sustained business growth that can be more easily achieved if people recognise and trust your brand.
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Still not convinced?
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