Email may have superseded snail mail as the communication tool of choice, but there are times when only printed personalised office stationery will make an impact and get your message remembered. A bold and stunning printed letterhead is an opportunity to make your communications more memorable and to reinforce brand awareness in a way that differentiates you from the competition.
Make an impact
A physical letter makes a direct connection with its recipient in a way that email can’t match. A striking letterhead will command your recipient’s attention, particularly if your letter is of an official nature, conferring credibility and prestige on your communications.
A strong brand identity
Your branded letterhead acts as a showcase for your visual assets, including your logo, and you’ll need to represent your branding with care. Team your logo with a strong colour scheme that complements not just your branding but your industry. For example, a bold multicoloured design might be perfect for a tech start-up, while a monochrome scheme will create a professional impression.
Communicate through your letterhead
Letterhead design is all about communicating information about your business effectively. You need to decide on the information hierarchy that’s appropriate for your business and place the crucial information in an accessible and obvious way. Consider just what information is essential depending on your audience, and ensure that legally required information is always included.
Keep it simple
The more dynamic you can make your letterhead design, the more effective it will be. Think of it as a delivery mechanism for information and branding that is designed to look and feel professional yet always showcase the content within it. Your letterhead and your content shouldn’t fight each other for your recipient’s attention, so if they do simplify the design.
Exploit the medium
Print is a very tangible medium, so it pays to design with particular paper stock and special effects in mind. Make effective choices, and you’ll produce a letterhead that is both pleasingly tactile and has a strong visual appeal that delivers the kind of impact, brand recognition and direct connection that a printed email will never replicate.
If you want some inspiration for your letterhead design have a look at this fantastic article from UCreative which highlights different creative attitudes and style : 83 Crazy/Beautiful Letterhead Logo Designs
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