Marketing is important for any business, big or small, serious or fun. Often, the prospect of having to market can be quite daunting. There are so many new, modern ways to advertise, including Google ads, social media, email marketing… not to mention the jargon that comes with it (PPC, SEO etc.).
The great news is, good old fashioned leaflet printing and print marketing hasn’t died out and there are actually still some incredible advantages to marketing using printed leaflets and flyers.
1. Leaflets are eye-catching and informative
Though modern marketing is not ineffective, nothing stands out quite as much as a well designed, colourful, glossy leaflet. Designed with your target audience in mind, a high quality leaflet printing can grab the attention of almost anybody. You’re also able to include a lot of images, information and contact details in one design, meaning you can clearly convey your message without having to leave anything out.
2. Leaflets make measuring success easy
A leaflet is the perfect piece of marketing to display an offer or call to action. With this in mind, you can easily measure the success of your leaflet by keeping track of how many people take you up on that specific offer or call in off the back of it. It’s important for any business to understand which areas of marketing work best for them, and few other areas make tracking so simple.
3. Leaflets are affordable
Printing leaflets is far more cost-effective than you might think, with bulk options available and often at a discount. You can distribute leaflets for free as well, via advertising stands or simply handing them out to the right people.
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