Print marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods you can use to reach out to customers, highlighting the products and services your business offers, helping to increase awareness and ultimately boost sales. It’s crucial that on top of all your offline, print, PR and event marketing, you combine your activity with online digital marketing to present a multi channel approach. This will help to ensure you’re increasing the profile of your business across every advertising channel from brochure printing to digital marketing and Ad words, this is where your potential customers can find you. Below we’ve listed out some simple steps you can take to implement multi channel marketing.
Include social on your print marketing
Using recognisable social media icons on your brochure print marketing is a really simple way you can highlight to your customers that you have online channels which they can connect with your business on. Be sure to include up to date URL links or social media handles, so your customers can find you the first time they search for your profile.
Make your paper digital
To bridge the gap between online and offline marketing, you can use techniques including unique codes, QR codes and clickable paper (which allows customers to click an image on your print marketing on their smart phone) within your print marketing. This will simplify the process your customers have to go through to gain what they want from accessing your print marketing to connecting with your business online.
Brand clarity
Using a multi-channel marketing approach should help you to clarify your branding both on and offline. To ensure you are absolutely clear in your messaging and imagery, you need to abide by your brand guidelines, so that every time a customer comes into contact with your brand, their experience of your logo, brand name, tagline and any other assets associated with your brand are consistent across every channel. This is crucial when you’re establishing your brand and ensuring you stand out from your competitors.
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