As we’ve discussed in many previous blogs, print advertising is a very effective tool for promoting your business locally and nationally because it stands out, sticks in viewers’ minds and can reach a wide variety of different consumers in a cost-effective way. But did you know that print advertising can also be used in your store or premises to keep your existing customers interested. If deployed correctly, printed adverts can encourage your customers to return to your business over and over again. In today’s blog, we’ll look at how you can use different types of print media in your premises to generate repeat custom.
1. Posters
According to the small business website, Chron, posters can grab viewers’ attention and “alert them to an upcoming product or service”. If you plan on releasing a new product or service, don’t wait until it’s on sale to tell your customers about it: deploy printed posters prominently in your store to tell them about it in advance. This will give them a reason to come back and ensure that they become repeat customers. You can also use in-store posters to tell people about upcoming sales, which should have the same effect.
2. Postcards
Postcards are a great reminder of your business that customers can take away with them. Therefore, by giving customers postcards in-store, you can increase the likelihood that they will remember your business at a later date and return. You can incentivise your customers to keep your postcard by offering a small discount to returning customers who bring their postcards in with them.
3. Brochures
Brochure printing enables you to provide detailed information about your products or services. It’s worth keeping one or two in-store so that you can give them to customers who are considering investing in particular product or service but haven’t made up their minds yet. This will give them the information they need to make a decision and increase the likelihood of them returning to buy the product or service.
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