When your organisation organises a special event, including new product launches, opening a new store or even promoting a new menu, you want everyone to know that your event is happening. There are many ways to do this, including word of mouth, direct mail campaigns, advertising in local media and also promoting it through social media, but not all of these give the same results. Increasing numbers of businesses are solely advertising through social media, but this has many drawbacks including costs, only targeting specific demographics, and limited exposure based on your internet presence.

However, one tried and tested way of getting the word out about your special event is through flyers! Here are three reasons from our experts why your next special event needs flyers.

1. Flyers are tangible

One of the main reasons for using flyers is that they are physical. Tangible marketing materials will ensure that the recipient will look at them properly and absorb the information presented to them. Having a physical flyer also means that the recipient will have a constant reminder about the event, with all the necessary information on it, making it more likely that they will attend.

2. Flyers can be used to offer incentives

Flyers can also be used to offer incentives to your special event. By incorporating a voucher code or a coupon into it, people will be encouraged to come and spend money. Calculating the amount of vouchers used after the event will also give you an indication of how successful your marketing campaign has been, which will be useful information for your next promotion. High Quality flyer printing can encourage engagement from your audience about the event or promotion you are holding.

3. Flyers can be cheap

Social marketing campaigns can be incredibly expensive, as well as time-consuming. However, getting flyers printed is very cost-effective. Equally, at Print UK, you can ask one of our graphic designers for assistance with the design, meaning that the rest of your time can be spent on making the vent itself perfect.

At PrintUK.com , we specialise in high-quality flyer printing and design services for all of your business needs. A quick call to our team can solve all of your design and printing problems, so give us a call today!