The importance of a strong business logo

The importance of a fantastic business logo is often overlooked – in many ways it’s the face of a business. So much more than a nice visual to add your website and printed marketing products, a logo is a symbol of your brand – through marketing, it will hold connotations of trust, quality and excellent service when seen.

Read on to find out more about what makes a good logo.

Think conceptually

You should think of your logo as more of a symbol or icon of what your business truly represents – rather than a picture of the services you provide. For example, the iconic Adidas trefoil and three stripe logos portray the diversity of their brand, as they represent the inspiration they take from North America, Europe and Asia to create their products.

Though the logo is simplistic, it says something about the brand, and wouldn’t be as effective if it were something more obvious – such as a logo simply depicting sportswear, for example.


As logos have progressed, the current trend in logo design is clean, crisp simplicity. Logos should catch attention, but they shouldn’t do this through an overcrowded and messy looking design. A high quality graphic designer should be employed to help create your logo. Once you have decided on the concept of your logo, you should think about how to execute it as clearly as possible.

This won’t only produce a fresh looking logo, but it will also make it more versatile, as it will blend more easily with colours and designs, meaning you can strategically add it to your marketing efforts, website, printed leaflets, business cards, etc.

Know your audience

Your logo should be something that resonates with your specific audience. For example, logos of children’s toy brands are often playful and colourful, where courier brands are often simple, but bold.

You should design a logo that’s appropriate for your industry – think about your clients, their branding, and which styles resonate with them. This isn’t to say don’t get creative – but make sure your logo appeals to those you want to attract.

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