With ever-changing algorithms and the over-saturation of trends, it is getting harder to network with social media. Businesses still and always will need physical media such as business cards. It is, therefore, worth knowing how to stand out.

Here are some tips and tricks to help your network grow.

Get more from minimal designs

Sometimes, less is more. Instead of filling your business card with numbers, names, and email addresses, why not try a monochrome emblazon of your company’s name? Or go even further. Networking is about creating curiosity, so try and be playful with your business card design!

Be a cut above with cut-outs

Using cuttable material like card means that you can add an extra dimension to networking materials. Run a financial advice business? Shape your cards like a graph. Looking to pull in customers for your local vet? Two holes in a card can turn two fingers into a pair of adorable bunny ears. Business card printing doesn’t need to be boring you can be creative and imaginative with your design.

Make your competition as green as your planet

Many printing companies now make environmental concerns a priority. Some do this by offering biodegradable materials and the option to skip the use of plastic coating. Others use reconstituted pulp to create a rustic look. This idea is not only sustainable but great for restaurants and bars looking to market their old school aesthetic.

Identify yourself with a logo

It’s hard to think of any big business that doesn’t have a logo. This is because, as every successful networker knows, first impressions are made in the first few seconds. Get a logo that suits your business’ identity and ensure you put it on everything. For example have your contact information on the front of your business card and your logo on the back.

Take your clients on a journey with QR codes

Most people think QR codes are more complicated than they are. This is, in part, because they don’t look like normal barcodes, but they work in exactly the same way. You can use these clever little squares on a business card to send clients to your landing page, email newsletter form or to your portfolio and CV.

For more on the importance of business cards, check out this great article on Entrepreneur : 5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

Given the power of face-to-face interactions, it seems an obvious mistake to keep your business’ outreach online. Create a business card. Be creative. Get it out there. For all your business card printing needs get in touch.