Good marketing is the key to any business’s success – and understanding your target audience is vital. The Covid-19 crisis has changed many of the things you knew about your target audience. Marketing techniques that were a good fit previously may no longer be suitable in light of the pandemic.

People are feeling anxious and stressed, as their daily routines have probably changed beyond all recognition. Some may have lost their jobs, or will be risking their own health to keep essential services up and running.

Understand your customers

Another challenge is that there’s no precedent for this situation. As a business, you need to understand the mood of your customers and amend your marketing strategies in line with this. There hasn’t been a similar situation in living memory, so adapting to the market is challenging in itself.

In addition, a lot of businesses have taken a hit financially and don’t have as big a budget to spend on advertising as they used to. One thing’s for sure: you can’t let your marketing slide completely during the pandemic. You need to amend your strategies in line with the current public mood and target the right areas.

Smaller marketing budget

Using print marketing during the Covid-19 crisis can enable businesses to promote themselves cheaply and easily, helping companies of all sizes to stretch their limited marketing budgets as far as possible.

While digital marketing has its role, reports have suggested people are suffering from “online fatigue” through spending more time at home online, so if you want to build trust with your customers, it has never been more important to harness the power of print marketing. Brochure printing is a fantastic way of building trust with your customers.

Using the correct tone is vital. While it’s commonplace for brands to use a conversational tone, it’s not a good idea to be overly-casual, or to use a lot of humour, in your marketing material at present. It’s better to take a more serious and caring tone, while remaining positive.

Covid safety protocols

For example, your marketing material can contain information on what you, as a company, are doing to help keep customers safe from the threat of Covid-19. Detail the safety protocols you have put in place, whether it’s social distancing, deep-cleaning your premises, extra hand-sanitising stations, or other measures.

Using a serious tone doesn’t mean being sombre and dour – it means recognising the seriousness of the pandemic, letting your customers know you understand how they feel and telling them the measures you’re taking to combat the risks so they can continue to enjoy your products or services.

Keeping customers in the loop now and letting them know you care will help rebuild your business once the crisis is over and the economy starts to recover.