The primary purpose of a business card might be to create connections between a business and potential customers, but there are so many more ways that these trusty pieces of card can be used. Business cards can be printed on a range of materials and in just about any colour you can dream of, so be bold! Be creative!

1. Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are a classic alternative use for business cards. They are a great way to encourage repeat customers, by rewarding them for their loyalty. Loyalty cards could be branded with a logo or image, and on the other side have a layout ready to be filled with stamps or stickers. Between 6 and 10 stamps is a popular quantity, and this amount fits perfectly on a standard business card.

2. Swing tags

Swing tags are a must for clothing stores, and business cards are the perfect size for this purpose. By simply using a hole punch and threading a piece of string, businesses can quickly create unique swing tags for their products.

3. Table numbers or place settings

Business cards are the perfect size to use as branded name or number labels for the tables at a corporate event. Their size is perfect for a logo, business name and the individual’s name too.

4. Collectables

Businesses with an arty flair could be set to benefit from using business cards as small collectable art pieces. Simply print up a range of designs, and hand out one with each order. Encourage customers to collect the full set with the offer of a freebie or discount. Business card printing can be a great and diverse tool for all businesses.

5. Referrals

If word of mouth is important to your business, why not opt for referral cards? These cards can be handed out to existing customers to pass on to colleagues, friends, or family members. If the potential lead follows the recommendation and buys from your business, both customers can benefit from either a discount or free gift.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from business cards used in creative ways. Find out more about business card printing speak with the experts at