If you have customer-facing offices or have potential clients visiting your business premises, it’s important that they get a good impression of your work space. And it’s even better if your work space is also beautifully decorated to match your business branding.

What you might not know is that, rather than going the conventional route with painting and decorating, you can easily achieve this with high-quality printing and graphic design for a look that will stand out and wow your potential clients.
1. Ceiling Tiles
Why be boring or bland when you can print anything you like onto suspended ceiling tiles? Print your logo, opt for individual images on each tile, or create a big mosaic on the ceiling with gorgeous, full colour tiles.
You could even have different tiles in different areas to designate departments or teams.
2. Logo Floor Mats
Create a great impression in your reception and throughout the building with beautifully branded floor mats that include your logo or a message.
You could simply incorporate each department’s name on their own mat or go for a wacky message, like ‘What will you create today?’ or ‘Hey, looking good!’ to make both staff and visitors smile.
3. Bespoke wallpaper
Forget standard wallpaper from a DIY company. With us you can have the exact design you want printed on to high-quality wallpaper to decorate your office and really make it pop.
4. Custom Fabrics
Need curtains, cushion covers or tablecloths that match your brand? Not a problem with our custom fabrics option.
Why not create a curtained off break out area to give your staff somewhere away from the buzz of an open office to think up ideas or have meetings?
5. Fabulous Furniture
Give your display tables and break out area furniture a pop of colour with our range of printed furniture.
Choose from table runners, covered tables, directors’ chairs, bean bags, seating cubes and more, all beautifully finished to suit your company branding.
Simply let your imagination go wild as long as what you come up with fits the look and feel of your business branding.
Whatever you need, we can print it at PrintUK.com. Get in touch with us on 0845 2993 923 to find out more!