Your brand is not just your logo design, it defines your business and represents the promise you offer to customers. Your brand is your corporate identity, your tone of voice, how you relate to your customers, employees and all stakeholders.

Brand = trust

A brand helps a business stand out in the marketplace, making it easily recognisable. A brand helps you build trust with customers and potential customers as well as identifying what you offer as a professional product or service.

Branding is an art that takes skill, creativity and strategy. It takes hard work and time to build a strong brand that connects your business with its audiences and tells your story in an instant.

Financial value

Strictly adhering to the brand guidelines will make sure you build and establish a reputation for your business. When you have worked extremely hard to create that brand it is vitally important to work even harder at protecting what you have created.

It’s important not to let standards slip in any of your marketing materials from your online content through to all your printed collateral. The financial value of your business depends on a strong brand.

Professional standards

Many organisations will focus on high-value materials which represent a significant investment such as a printed brochure and then only think about getting a cheap deal if they are producing a leaflet or flyer. But remember that A5 flyer printing that you just want to produce as cheap as possible may be the first contact a potential customer has with your brand and if it doesn’t make a good impression then that potential lead may never convert into an actual customer.

Check out Hubspot to find out more about how to set brand guidelines and for a free download on how to create a style guide

Value for money

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