Ever thought about getting bespoke folder printing for your business? Not many people have, but they can really have a positive effect on your brand awareness and the professionalism of your business. So, with that in mind, here are three ways that printed folders could benefit your business.
1. Keep everything organised
Folders are a great way to keep everything organised in your office. Whether you’re a small, one person business, or a multi-national corporation, you need to keep your invoices, receipts, payments, and general administration documents organised, otherwise your business could flounder. With our bespoke graphic design, we can design the folders you need to make your filing system and presentations work smoothly, efficiently and look the part, helping your business run better than ever before.
2. Get ahead with presentations and pitches
Usually, when making a presentation or pitching for business, companies will use electronic methods to submit their work – so why not stand out? Try handing in a bespoke printed folder with the logo of your business or brand printed on it, as well as the name of whatever you’re applying for. This shows that your business really cares about who it works with, and makes you stand out from all the other companies submitting their reports or pitches by email, or in generic coloured folders. It might sound like a small touch, but something like this can really make the difference when competing for work, especially in today’s difficult market. It also provides an antidote to our increasingly online work, and says something very striking about your brand values and how your business operates.
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3. Reward your workers
As well as being used in an operational capacity, such as to organise invoices or submit documents for review, printed presentation folders are also an excellent way to reward your workers. When someone retires or leaves a company after a long time, it is customary to give them a gift, either something expensive (depending on their service), or something that encapsulates their time at the company. With our bespoke folder printing service, you could design a folder specifically for the departing employee, and then fill it with mementos of their time at your company. This goes a long way in demonstrating to your other employees that you care about them, and shows your personal, human side.
There you have it – three ways that printed folders could help your business. Call us today to find out more about our printed folders, and our wider range of printed products.