When it comes to print marketing, it’s imperative that you create and define your brand guidelines so that all your printed materials help to promote a consistent brand experience. Your brand guidelines should include both visual and written rules around your branding. Investing the time in creating your brand guidelines will save you time and money as you share them with your printing expert, as every time you send something to print you know you’ll receive back what you were expecting. Below we’ve created a process to follow so that you can create effective brand guidelines which you can use for all your print marketing.
Written and read
Your brand guidelines need to encompass both written and read representations of your brand. What this means is you need to define both the visual representations of your brand including; your logo, your fonts, your photographer rules and the spacing you require around your logo. Your guidelines also need to include your brand tone of voice, which should be influenced by your brand personality, which should ultimately guide your writing.
Be true to you
The most important thing to remember in your brand guidelines is to use colours (CMYK for printing), fonts, imagery, and a tone of voice that totally reflects who your brand is. By defining who you are as a brand you’ll be directing the decisions around visual, written, and verbal representations of your brand which you can clarify and lay out in your brand guidelines.
Where you are now
To create effective brand guidelines, you should consider where your brand currently sits and what aspects of it can evolve and which need to remain the same. If you have signage outside your building which is huge, it could be extremely costly to update it to suit your brand guidelines. Look at the branding you already have and consider which elements you need to capture in your brand guidelines and which elements need to be further defined. This way, from the brochure printing to the signage at your building, you can ensure consistency.
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