If you hold an important position in a large or prestigious business, you should consider investing in customised pieces of printed business material. Having the correct printed products i.e. product brochures and equipment can help you appear more professional to your clients and colleagues. This can improve your reputation within your company and boost your company’s reputation among members of the public. But which custom printed products do you need? Here at PrintUK.com, we believe that there are three core printed products that all businesspeople should have. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you what they are and why you need them.
1. Business cards
Business cards are a crucial printed accoutrement for any businessperson. As we’ve discussed before, they are a great way to introduce yourself and your business to potential clients and customers in a professional and courteous manner. In fact, according to an article in ‘Entrepreneur’, “an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake along with a business card exchange” can be more effective than e-mail marketing when it comes to recruiting customers. They also serve as a reminder of the services you can provide when you aren’t present in-person. Within your own business, they can be used to remind your colleagues and bosses of your skill set and ensure they know how to contact you whenever necessary.
2. Printed folders
Printed presentation Folders are useful for storing important documents that you are likely to need in presentations and meetings such as quotes, pitches or used as welcome packs. But you shouldn’t settle for generic, unbranded folders. Having custom designed and printed folders that feature your company’s logo and colours can demonstrate your commitment to your business and bring a touch of subtle, understated style to your presentations and meetings.
3. Letterheads and other stationery
Custom letterheads and stationery make written communication simultaneously more stylish and more personal. You can use it to make sure your colleagues take notice of you and make prospective clients take notice of your business. Letterhead templates allow you to cheaply design your business stationery to design agency standard whilst conforming to the layout that a business letterhead demands.
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