We’ve blogged before about the importance of high quality graphic design to convey the message of your brand, and you can read that post here: Conveying Your Brand Through Graphic Design. But considering the psychology of colour, what do the colours you choose convey about your business and its brand message?
Colour can deliver a very direct appeal to your customers and provoke an emotional response. Therefore its incredibly important to consider the choice of colour throughout your marketing strategy and ensure that they accentuate your brand message across your advertising materials from the print design to the website.
To highlight the power of colour and their contrasts take for example yellow. Yellow is often cited as the colour of happiness, and combined with black is one of the most high-impact colour combinations within graphic design. (Think of Taxis). It’s used by companies as diverse as Ikea and Ferrari, but it also has connotations of warning signs and building sites.
The neutrals: black, white and grey
These neutrals can be very effective when used in a clean minial print design. Black is often used to denote elegance – think ‘little black dress’ – and is associated closely with luxury brands like Chanel and Gucci. Grey is the choice for companies that wish to be perceived as high quality and professional – think Honda, and above all, Apple.
Energising reds and calming blues
Think of brands that utilise a red logo. Virgin, Coca-Cola and Red Bull all use strong reds within their design and print to denote dynamism and energy. If you prefer your brand to have more refined associations, then choose a deeper maroon with its connotations of luxury. It’s perhaps not a surprise that two of the biggest players in social media, Facebook and Twitter, opt for blue with its association with trust, reliability and communication.
Pinks and purples
Breast Cancer Awareness and Barbie might seem poles apart, but both use the colour pink for the branding within their graphic design and printing because of its traditional associations with femininity. Purple has long be seen as a regal colour, and this is an association Hallmark subtly exploits with its crown shaped logo on a purple background.
The eco-friendly colour
Green has long been the colour of growth and vitality and concern for the environment. John Deere and Starbucks are just two of the brands to leverage that association to position their brands.
At PrintUK.com we understand how colour and graphic design can impact your company and its brand. If you would like help with your brochure design or brochure printing contact us today to find out how our graphic designers can create the best colour palette for all your marketing and print materials.