While advertising and marketing is shifting into digital media, particularly with the growing popularity of social networking, leaflets and leaflet printing remain a popular choice for many businesses and organisations wishing to reach their target audience in a striking and memorable way.
One key aspect of any well-designed leaflet or flyer is the inclusion of powerful images, as these have the potential to capture people’s imagination and to live long in their memories. This is particularly important as leaflet marketing may not yield an instant result in terms of increasing your customer base – often, householders who receive leaflets through their letterbox or inside the weekly newspaper retain them for a number of weeks until they need the service or product being advertised.
Therefore, an eye-catching leaflet that includes striking photographs is the perfect way to sear your brand into your audience’s mind-set.
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Choosing the right images for your leaflet design
When choosing images to include in your leaflet, try to follow these simple rules to increase their impact and convey a professional tone to your audience:
People, not products
Including images of people, rather than simply of a product, is an approach that is more likely to appeal to your target customers as it means they can identify with the service you offer, rather than viewing it as a disinterested third party. Try to choose images of people that match the customers to whom you are appealing, in order to make your product or service seem more relevant to them.
Shiny, happy people
People in images should be animated and happy, to promote a sense of excitement when potential customers read about your product or service. Remember you’re trying to create a personality for your business and uphold your branding.
Ensure pictures are good quality
Images that are of poor quality will be noticed for all the wrong reasons and give a false impression of your brand. Make sure images are at least 300dpi in quality and avoid increasing their size as this will lead to distortion and bit-mapping. Checkout this great article out: Image resolution explained
Less is more
A well-chosen, good quality image is more memorable than five smaller ones that are difficult to see. Avoid filling your leaflet with lots of photographs and let one or two do the talking.
Leave Clipart to the school kids
Avoid Clipart. You may think it looks funny, but it doesn’t. There are numerous websites offering free or low priced stock photographs that are selected for their high quality and can offer a professional vision of your brand.
Forget famous
Don’t use images of famous people unless there is a genuine and proven connection between them and your brand.
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