Everyone knows how useful print marketing supplies like flyers and leaflets are for generally spreading the word about your business. Did you know though that they can also come in handy for letting people know about an exhibition that is running? These kinds of print marketing resources enable you to let people know about an event that is happening right now and draw more attention to it.

But what are the best sort of print marketing supplies for this?

Pavement signs

There are many ways to publicise your event and print resources play a big role. If you are putting on an event, eye-catching pavement signs are a great choice.

As the name suggests, these types of signs sit on the pavement outside your event to let people know about it. This can be a great way to draw in passing traffic for public events. For exhibitions which are not public, pavement signs are great for letting those who should be attending know where the event is taking place. Signage printing is a fantastic resource for all businesses looking to promote an event.

Litho posters

Along with flyers and brochures, posters have long been used in business to promote products. They also come in very handy for letting people know about exhibitions. Large-size Litho posters in particular score well here and are the ideal way to grab people’s attention. Not only do they come with high-definition images and rich colours but the largest ones really do have the size to make people take notice.

Printed ceiling hangers

A really effective way to publicise your presence at an exhibition are printed ceiling hangers. These are very handy if you will be one of a number of stands and need a way to stand out. These hangers are also useful if your event is taking place in one section of a large space and you need a way for people to find you.

There is no doubt that these attention-grabbing frames do an awesome job and can be installed as a temporary fixture for the day. Available in different shapes, they are ideal for letting people know you are there.

Publicise your event with PrintUK.com print marketing supplies

If you are organising an event and need a way to let people know about it on the day, the print supplies listed above are a great option. Order online with PrintUK.com today and enjoy not only our top-class customer service but also our quick delivery times.