Value is one of the most important concepts in the world of marketing. In order to successfully promote your business or its products, a piece of printed marketing material must give consumers something that they value. The website ‘Entrepreneur’ explains this very well. According to an article on that site, “advertisers must create something customers will choose to engage with” (see article link below).
One way to make your printed marketing materials valuable is to make them informative. Information gives your marketing materials value because it gives customers a reason to engage with a piece of marketing material. If you provide customers with useful information about your products, or advice that they can act on, you are giving them something of value that will encourage them to pay attention to your content. You can also provide value in the form of entertainment or amusement by making your marketing content exciting or funny. Here at, we firmly believe that printed media is ideal for delivering valuable content. Here’s why.
1. Physical formats are well-suited to textual content
Information, advice and other forms of value are normally delivered in the form of textual content. Printed media (including booklet printing, printed leaflets, flyers and posters) are far better at providing textual content than computers and other forms of electronic media. Older consumers are used to reading text in booklets, brochures and catalogues rather than on computer screens, and even younger consumers may find that reading text on a screen strains their eyes. Ergo, value that is embedded in textual content may not be read and absorbed if it is displayed on a website or a similar piece of digital marketing material. In contrast, almost everyone can read printed content. Therefore everyone who sees printed marketing material can extract value from it. This increases the probability that those who see your content will be converted into customers by it, hence why when we buy items from large retailers purchases are typically followed by monthly booklets delivered through direct mail to entice further purchases.
2. Portability reinforces value
Flyers, leaflets, booklets, brochures and many other pieces of printed media are very portable. Consumers who receive them may carry them around for quite some time and look at them multiple times. Each time they do, they may get more out of the piece of media (they may be entertained more, or pick up on pieces of information that they missed). Because printed media is portable, consumers have a lot of time and plenty of opportunities to extract value from it. A consumer might read a web page or other piece of digital media only once. They will read a printed booklet, brochure or leaflets multiple times.
3. Personalisation encourages engagement
In order to extract value from a piece of media, a customer has to be willing to engage with it. Printed marketing materials can be personalised with consumers’ names and other similar touches (especially when they are deployed in a direct mail campaign). Personalisation encourages customers to engage with pieces of media, thereby increasing their chances of extracting value from those pieces of media.
Want more hints and tips on marketing and print marketing? Have a look at this great article on Entrepreneur: Adding Value: The Future of Marketing
Printed marketing materials are the ideal way to offer consumers value and get them to engage with your business. We offer cheap printing on a wide variety of different marketing materials, so check out our range today. You can find many of our products at