Printed advertising can be immensely powerful. It’s affordable, which means you can deploy it liberally. It’s easy to personalise, which means you can use it to make a meaningful connection with your prospective customers. According to the american printing firm Sheridan and the small business website Chron printed advertising even offers unlimited exposure,
TV, radio and internet adverts only last for a short time, but printed adverts last until the paper they’re printed on is destroyed. In other words, potential customers can be exposed to them any time after they are printed. However, even the best printed adverts can be undermined by poor-quality paper. Here at, we offer a wide variety of different paper-types for all our leaflets, brochures, poster printing and other products. However, they are all high-quality. In today’s blog, we’d like to explore why paper quality is so important in printed advertising.
1. Professionalism is persuasive
All advertising is designed to persuade prospective customers that your business is worth their attention, time and money. However, an advert can only be truly persuasive if every aspect of it looks professional. This includes the material that the advert is printed on. Poor-quality paper makes your advert look unprofessional and may cause customers to think that your business isn’t legitimate or worthwhile. In contrast, high-quality paper imparts a sense of professionalism to any advert and ensures that prospective customers take your business seriously.
2. Distribution is distressing
Printed adverts need to be resilient enough to cope with the physical stresses of distribution. Leaflets, brochures, printed posters and letters need to survive being mailed to people or handed out. Advertising posters need to survive being attached to walls and exposed to the elements. Low-quality paper simply can’t cope with the physical demands of the distribution process. Higher quality paper can.
3. Longevity is necessary
In our introductory paragraph, we mentioned that prospective customers can be exposed to printed adverts until the paper they’re printed on finally degrades or is destroyed. Obviously, higher quality paper lasts longer. Ergo, adverts printed on good-quality paper have longer to attract customers.
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Printed advertising is a great way to recruit customers. Just remember that paper quality is important. When you choose a commercial printing company, choose one that offers high-quality printing on top-notch paper. Choose