Launching a direct mail marketing campaign can boost your profits during the Christmas period when handled properly. At a time of year when consumers are being hit with all kinds of advertising, you need to stand out from the crowd with eye-catching graphic design to create memorable leaflets.

Despite living in today’s digital age, direct mail continually proves itself to be a powerful marketing tool that can take on everything online advertising throws at it. Surveys have revealed marketing emails have a 0.12% response rate, compared with 4.4% for direct mail.

On average, advertising mail delivers £14 return on investment for every £1 spent. Direct mail is the most responsive medium for advertising, as 60% of consumers have responded at least once to a printed leaflet carrying a marketing message, with 37% responding in the past 12 months.

Spread some Christmas cheer

Use high-quality printing to create a message that will really stand out for your Christmas campaign. It’s time to roll out those special offers and treat your customers to some seasonal cheer in these bleak times.

This can include anything from a complimentary Christmas gift to a discount voucher or code that offers money off in-store or online. Send high quality printed leaflets that promote your generosity, as this will ensure consumers see your brand in a positive light.

Incentives to save money on purchases are among the most effective ways of grabbing customers’ interest, as everyone is strapped for cash around Christmas.

This year, people will be particularly keen to make savings due to the general economic climate, so a leaflet dropping through their letterbox, offering a chance to buy something they want more cheaply, will be particularly welcome.

A beautifully-crafted piece of direct mail marketing that offers something special at Christmas will boost your business, as 56% of consumers have purchased from a brand after receiving advertising mail.

Christmas marketing plan

The key to your Christmas campaign’s success is to plan early. Start by looking at your results from Christmas 2021 to determine what worked and what didn’t. Look back to see your best-selling products, compared with what was left over for the January sale.

Focus on the products that were a success and market them to your customers in a similar way to last year. Identify your target audience and make customer satisfaction your number one priority.

When you’re running a special offer such as a free gift, make sure you have enough items to satisfy the expected demand – and then a few more besides.

For more on the benefits of direct mail around the festive period, check out this fantastic article by USPS Delivers: Types of Holiday Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

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