For many people, the arrival of a new year signals the opportunity for a new start – the chance to do something different. So why not consider the same for your marketing?

There are a few big marketing trends that are predicted for 2023 – including options that don’t need to cost a fortune, but that can make a huge difference to customer awareness and brand image. Here are three of those trends.

1. Accessibility and inclusivity

This has always been important – but now more so than ever. If your marketing materials can’t be accessed by your entire target market, you could be missing a trick.

Does your colour scheme work for those who have visual impairments – are you using high-contrast colours? Is your font easy enough to read and large enough? Are there audio versions of your marketing materials available for those who need them? Have you done an accessibility check on your website? Is the language you use clear and easy to understand?

Consider using raised lettering or changing the design for your printed materials, and take the time to assess your digital approach, too.

2. User-generated content

If you haven’t yet embraced the user-generated content trend, then the new year is as good a time as any. Essentially, user-generated content is content that has been created by the users of your product or service, without you paying a penny. It could be reviews, testimonials, social media posts, or images of them using your products or services – and with their permission, you can use these as a marketing tool.

Testimonials can be used in your brochures. Videos and images can be used on your website and social channels. You could even consider running a competition and using all of the user-generated content you receive as entries in a brand-new marketing campaign.

3. Personalisation

We know this isn’t a new trend. However, with more and more companies turning to personalised marketing tactics, can you afford to be left behind?

Personalisation could be as simple as remembering a customer’s name to using a CRM to make notes of their interests, their previous purchases and any other relevant information. This will allow you to target offers and products directly to their needs – and don’t forget about personalised communications, too!

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